Workshop Grandmaster Chen, august 24 – 27 2018, Amsterdam

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Grandmaster William C. C. Chen. His school is based in New York City Manhattan and he travels around the world to give workshops. For 40 years he is visiting the Netherlands and we are very happy to meet him again at the well known Frans Otten Stadion in Amsterdam.

William C. C. Chen
William C. C. Chen

William C. C. Chen, born in 1933 in China, is one of the last living students of Professor Cheng Man-Ch’ing. Grandmaster William Chen has worldwide recognition through his practical approach to the Tai Chi Chuan. For more than 50 years he has been teaching and he still develops new ideas that provide beginners a refreshing clearness and gives old students deepening insights. Well-known metaphors he uses are: the three nails, winding, spiral energy, the bird, double heart.

We find it very special that our grandmaster, teacher and teacher of our teachers, at his respectable age, is coming to us again to train with us and guide our Tai Chi Chuan development.

Beginners have ‘priority’ on Friday evening. The weekend and Monday are for both beginners and advanced. Are you practicing a different Yang lineage and would you like to participate, please ask for information to Ceciel Kroes:

Practical info

Dates: Friday 24th – Monday 27th august 2018
Location: Frans Otten Stadion, IJsbaanpad 43, Amsterdam

All classes are 50 minutes, followed by a 10 minute break


A. Friday 15.00 – 16.50: long form
B. Friday 18.10 – 21.00: short form (beginners have priority)

C. Saturday 10.30 – 13.20: short form (part 1 in the forst hour) / appl. & p-h
D. Saturday 15.30 – 17.20: short form – appl. & p-h

E. Sunday 10.30 – 17.20: short form (whole form in the first hour) / appl. & p-h

F. Monday 10.30 – 13.20: applications
G. Monday 15.30 – 17.20: swordform & applications


A. € 60     B. € 80     A + B = € 130
C. € 80     D. € 60    C + D = € 130
E. € 130
F. € 80     G. € 60     F + G = € 130
All workshops:  € 490

With early registration and payment before June 1st, you receive a 10% discount!

Additional info

  • registration (see form below) in advance is necessary: 30 people can participate per workshop.
  • you can register for workshops A – B – C – D – E – F or G.
  • the workshop on Friday (B) is very suitable for people who have not so much experience, of course more experienced people can also participate.
  • lunch break is about 2 hours, there is an eatery at the Frans Otten Stadion.
  • further information about the workshops and registration: Ceciel Kroes:
  • see also at website: and
  • your registration is final when the workshop money has been received.
  • with early registration and payment before June 1st, you receive a 10% discount!
  • refund of the workshop money is only possible after assessment by the organizer & foundation VCK (Five Chinese Arts).
  • IBAN: NL75 TRIO 0338682821, BIC: TRIONL2U, attn.: Stichting VCK, Workshops WCCChen 2018 and your name.


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